Nov 30

Environmental – Limits and Extensions Stretch Far

Opportunities abound in contractors’ pollution liability policies as premiums hit rock bottom in a crowded marketplace. Read the new article from ENR about Limits and
Extensions. PDF Article.

Nov 17

PCBs in the Built Environment

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) are a group of man-made chemicals that were used in a variety of different industrial and commercial applications, including electrical equipment, hydraulic fluids and insulating materials, from the 1950s until 1978. Due to environmental concerns, though, the manufacture of PCBs was prohibited in 1979 under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).

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Nov 17


owtoDisputeaFaultyWorkersCompensationClaim 300x204 HOW TO DISPUTE A FAULTY WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AUDITA case study on how one contractor was able to successfully fight a bill for an extra $63,000. Click this link to read full case study.

Oct 16


Oil & Gas – A Wellspring of Opportunity for Independent Agents and Brokers

Oil and gas is currently the fastest growing industry in the US, but the market remains remarkably untapped in terms of potential for independent agents. Please view the article to learn more. If you can write contractors, you can do energy business with the right partners.

The oil and gas industry has never been hotter. Thanks to advancements in new technology, the United States is currently poised to surpass Russia as the world’s leading producer of oil and gas.


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Jul 03

New Federal OSHA Chemical Labeling Rules

Chemicals 300x298 New Federal OSHA Chemical Labeling Rules

The rules and regulations are always changing, and that especially goes for contractors. The new Federal OSHA chemical labeling rules will impact every carpet cleaner, janitorial company, and fire/water restoration and reconstruction company in America.

Micheal Wilson covers how these new rules will affect you and your business. Read this very important article to know how to protect your self.

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Mar 05

The Accelerated Producer Intensive™- “Send Us Your Rookie & We’ll Send You Back a Warrior”

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The Accelerated Producer Intensive

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phil 236x300 The Accelerated Producer Intensive™  Send Us Your Rookie & Well Send You Back a Warrior

Phil Beakes, VP Sales National E&S

Producers can only achieve sales results when they have the right tools and the right mindset. This workshop gives your producers a proven blueprint for success, based on the one I used for my agency, and refined over time to develop successful, viable producers quickly. The Accelerated Producer Intensive is designed to launch your producers to the next level of action and results.

  • Do you have a consistent flow of new clients and prospects that fit your ideal client profile?
  • Have you made the right hires and KNOW they are suited to win, or are you “waiting” for incredibly expensive time to pass to make that decision?
  • Are your producers trained hard on the “street smart” tactics that only the best know?
  • When a prospective client asks your producer “why should I do business with you?”, do they have an answer that is meaningful to them and compels them to buy from you?
  • Do you have the time, or the skills, or the proven blueprint to coach and mentor your producers into independent success that can come only from a focused effort?
  • Are the agency and the producers engaged in proven forceful marketing tactics to support sales?

 If not, you’re leaving highly profitable and easily attainable money on the table. You can’t achieve the commission growth you’re planning with producers who don’t have the tools they need, and aren’t motivated to get the job done RIGHT NOW! The solution is the Accelerated Producer Intensive™. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 25

Business Personal Property and Inland Marine Coverage Discussion for the Restoration Professional

toxic 198x300 Business Personal Property and Inland Marine Coverage Discussion for the Restoration ProfessionalMost restoration contractors will have a General Liability and Pollution policy which provides protection to them from third parties in the event some third party alleges negligence against them. Business Personal Property (Contents) coverage provides first party coverage for the contractor’s contents at his office location. Examples would include computers, desks, phone systems, computers, and cleaning systems that do not go to job sites. It is important to place an accurate value on the items that never leave the office for the business personal property coverage.

Inland Marine coverage includes contractor equipment floaters and bailees coverage. An equipment floater provides coverage for the contractor’s tools and equipment away from their office and taken to job sites. An example of this would be tools, equipment, air movers, dehumidifiers, thermal imaging cameras, etc. Many times I will see a contractor who is way over insured on the business personal property limit and carrying no type of inland marine coverage. Many times I also find them grossly underinsured on their contents as well as inland marine if they even have any inland marine coverage.


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Aug 27

Avoiding The Dreaded “HAMMER CLAUSE”

I have recently seen contractor pollution policies and contractor professional liability policies that contain the dreaded “hammer clause,” which compels an insured to comply with an insurer’s decision to settle a case rather than fight it out in court. Some insurance carriers also call this the “cooperation clause,” as it forces insureds to settle a claim they normally would choose to fight.

Most policies give the insured the right to withhold consent to a proposed insurance settlement. However, the insurer may wish to be more competitive on its pricing to increase its sales and limit its liability on large liability losses. In this case, the insurer may wish to insert a hammer clause into its policy forms.

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May 06

Sampling of Environmental Losses in Buildings

mold 300x239 Sampling of Environmental Losses in BuildingsLong Island apartment tenants forced out – mold remediation expected to cost millions for
A resident of a water-damaged apartment complex filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the property owner, saying that the Archstone Westbury’s “water intrusion problems” and reported mold and mildew made her sick and damaged her property, according to court documents. Andrea Sorrentino, a business executive, had signed a 26-month lease for a $3,000-a-month, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment at the mixed-income complex at 1299 Corporate Dr. and moved there in June 2005, said her attorney, Richard Cohen, of White Plains. Sorrentino learned of the water problems when parent company Archstone-Smith of Colorado sent letters on Tuesday to each tenant of the 400-unit complex, asking that they move out by March 31 so that renovation may begin. Newsday 11/28/07

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Apr 29

Why Contractors Need Environmental Insurance

air force pollution 45 600x450 300x225 Why Contractors Need Environmental InsuranceNo matter how careful you are, you can never eliminate all exposure to hazardous materials or waste on
construction jobsites. Improving quality control, material handling procedures, conducting site surveys, and updating work policies can help prevent accidents and exposure and improve work site health and safety, but these steps alone may not be enough to protect your clients. You should be concerned about the financial impact of lawsuits against your clients, it would be a wise business decision to investigate environmental insurance and weigh the costs against the potential damage from litigation.


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