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The Accelerated Producer Intensive™- “Send Us Your Rookie & We’ll Send You Back a Warrior”

Get ready for

The Accelerated Producer Intensive

The NEW 3-Day Workshop brought to you by National E&S


“Not Getting The Sales Results
From Your Producers You’d Hoped?


Don’t Have The Time
To Train & Manage Them Yourself?


Send Us Your Rookie,
& We’ll Send You Back A Warrior!”


Money Back Guarantee (See below)

phil 236x300 The Accelerated Producer Intensive™  Send Us Your Rookie & Well Send You Back a Warrior

Phil Beakes, VP Sales National E&S

Producers can only achieve sales results when they have the right tools and the right mindset. This workshop gives your producers a proven blueprint for success, based on the one I used for my agency, and refined over time to develop successful, viable producers quickly. The Accelerated Producer Intensive is designed to launch your producers to the next level of action and results.

  • Do you have a consistent flow of new clients and prospects that fit your ideal client profile?
  • Have you made the right hires and KNOW they are suited to win, or are you “waiting” for incredibly expensive time to pass to make that decision?
  • Are your producers trained hard on the “street smart” tactics that only the best know?
  • When a prospective client asks your producer “why should I do business with you?”, do they have an answer that is meaningful to them and compels them to buy from you?
  • Do you have the time, or the skills, or the proven blueprint to coach and mentor your producers into independent success that can come only from a focused effort?
  • Are the agency and the producers engaged in proven forceful marketing tactics to support sales?

 If not, you’re leaving highly profitable and easily attainable money on the table. You can’t achieve the commission growth you’re planning with producers who don’t have the tools they need, and aren’t motivated to get the job done RIGHT NOW! The solution is the Accelerated Producer Intensive™.

 They will learn:

  • Cutting edge mastery of why customers buy from us, and who they truly are!
  • How to properly identify your “favorite clients” and how you can grow your company by new clients just like them with a written personal Marketing Plan.
  • Self accountability and managing themselves by the numbers.
  • Understand what actions they must take every day to meet their written Sales Plan.
  • How to overcome the fear of cold calling contacts once and for all, and armed with absolutely bulletproof training!
  • Nine proven tactics to market themselves and the agency, that are virtually FREE!
  • The proven and powerfully repeatable Referral System that works every time.
  • Delegation skills and discipline designed to be the perfect producer for the support team and marketing personnel.


The Accelerated Producer Intensive

3-Day Workshop

“The best impact this had for me was conquering of my fear. This will help me overcome anything that stands in my way of being a successful agent” Nathan

Date:March 27-29, 2014

Place: Radisson Hotel, LAX

Time: Registration 7:45 AM

Workshop 8:00 am to 7:00 pm +, day 3 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Investment: $1,797 per producer! (discounts for multiple team members)

Registration: Phil Beakes at (661) 266 – 4444 ext 4078 Emailphil@nationaleands.com

“This was not the Rah Rah meeting we thought it was going to be! It was the best workshop ever!”

Tim McClain, Vice President, Associated Insurance, Westlake, CA

We are going to work them hard from 8:00 AM, into the evening every day because we demand you get your money’s worth, and THAT’S HOW THE REAL WORLD IS! We also put them through carefully designed EXPERIENCIAL EXERCISES to test their metal and release them as warriors out there. This is NOT A FEEL GOOD program, although they will leave feeling more PREPARED AND CONFIDENT than ever before!


“Our Personal, Make-You-Happy Guarantee

It’s got to be the best, step-by-step workshop you’ve ever seen for growing your book of business and systemizing your sales and marketing tactics that you’ve ever seen…

— or We’ll Pay You Your Money Back!

We’re 100% confident that our Accelerated Producer Intensive Workshop will be the most targeted, most complete, most fun, and most useful sales and marketing course you’ve ever seen for insurance producers.

We’re confident that when you join us at the Accelerated Producer Intensive Workshop, you’re going to attend the first day and be thrilled. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a profitable and powerful book of business and you will more easily convert interested prospects in your ideal target market into ideal clients.

Just to back that up, we’ll give you until the end of the first day to experience the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you, in your heart. If you decide it’s not for you, just let us know before day 2 of the live event starts and get a full refund. 100%! No reason needed.

And that’s our promise!

About Phil Beakes


Phil entered the insurance industry as a Property and Casualty adjuster in 1978, and accelerated himself into the National brokerage world as a successful producer at 26, because he “didn’t know it was hard”! He has loved this industry and the fantastic career it represents, selling and providing fantastic service to the best clients in the world.


At the age of 29 he co-founded his own insurance brokerage, Golden Pacific, specializing in corporate clients and Workers Compensation. It was here that Phil began development of what is now the “Accelerated Producer Intensive™”; a system of training and developing producers, new to the business, and facilitating them into viability faster than almost anyone in the industry. The team grew the firm to 10th largest in LA County, with gross sales of over $80 million at it’s height. With his training and mentorship, Phil’s staff achieved closing rates over 75%; even with the new sales staff. Their client retention rates averaged 92%.


Today, his producers are some of the most successful producers, agency Presidents and owners, leading teams of producers of their own. What a legacy!! It was estimated recently, that the people Phil trained and developed, are today selling and renewing $1 Billion in premium!


Phil sold his interest in the firm in 2001 and began a consulting career. Within three months of working with Phil, his first agency client in California appointed him CEO where he served for three years. In implementing the “Accelerated Producer Intensive” principals, the firm was transformed.

In the next 18 months they grew their revenue by $2 million (35%).


In 2005, Phil served as CEO of the second largest “live seminar” training company in North America in Vancouver, B.C, as well as other companies in a variety of industries. He also launched his national speaking and consulting career full-time.


The insurance industry came back to Phil and asked him to develop a training course and mentoring program for their Producers as he is recognized as the best in the business in taking Producers from stalled, or beginning, to strong and profitable in the least amount of time all the while training solid, ethical contributors to our great profession. The Accelerated Producer Intensive was launched!


In 2013, Phil joined Ross Driscoll at National E&S to grow the company, nationally and to be the absolute best WEAPON FOR GROWTH for our loyal and professional agency partners, and the Producers that make it happen!

The “Accelerated Producer Intensive™” was developed to get back to serving the industry that has served Phil’s career for so long.

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